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Reviewed by Ania Glowacz

Flora Knight & Sean Donald: Self-titled

Reviewed by Ania Glowacz

Flora Knight & Sean Donald: Self-titled

Lovers of authentic, down-home Alabama country music will find their happy place here! There’s no getting away from the timeless sound of this style – especially with these two as exponents. Flora Knight, formerly with consummate Lyttleton folk band The Eastern, plays the fiddle while Sean Donald contributes acoustic guitar.

Originally from Canada he has a past in the All Day Breakfast String Band and Pigeonhawk SB. Now basing themselves in Dunedin, the pair originally met in Toronto – when Knight was evidently on a fiddle pilgrimage!

Their very traditional dual vocal harmonies and musical accompaniment are the real deal, taking you straight to the Southern states of America and beyond.

You either want to sing, sway, or dance along, but more likely all three as this music is seriously infectious, bringing the past into the present and sounding thoroughly fresh.

Indian Killed A Woodcock, Moon Behind The Hill, Horseshoe Bend, Weary Blues From Wailin’ and When I Grow Too Old To Dream – you can totally smell the theme.

Some tracks are instrumental, some plaintive or jaunty, but this is country music, or Americana, or whatever moniker you prefer, at its damn finest. 

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