Reviewed by Jacquie Walters

Emily Fairlight: Mother Of Gloom

Reviewed by Jacquie Walters

Emily Fairlight: Mother Of Gloom

The pathos and depth of experience that Emily Fairlight expresses through her distinctive vocal performance makes this, her second album, a compelling if melancholy work – heartfelt and mournful.

Catchy first track Body Below has echoes of the languid sexiness of Lucinda Williams. The tracks are grounded in the gritty reality of domesticity and personal relationships gone awry despite their early promise.

Drag The Night In, with its gentle country vibe, has a wistful sense.

The Escape introduces the violin to great effect and is an example of the way in which Fairlight conveys a sense of reined in despair, but it would be great to hear her exploring her vocal range more.

Water Water is a stand out with some particularly good lyrics, while Time’s Unfaithful Wife takes us into Leonard Cohen territory juxtaposing the dying fall of Fairlight’s vocals with a rather jaunty musical bed.

We’re more into Edith Piaf’s realm with The Bed, especially given the use of accordion.‘Mother Of Gloom’ shows great promise at times and conveys a very intriguing and distinctive mood.

Somewhat repetitive in places in terms of its melodic lines and lyrics, this album has a strong appeal nonetheless and is an ideal accompaniment for a reflective state of mind.