SoundCheck Aotearoa Report & Recommendations

SoundCheck Aotearoa Report & Recommendations

SoundCheck Aotearoa has published a report titled Creating Culture Change Around Sexual Harm In The Music Community In Aotearoa, compiled by two independent experts. The report includes ten recommendations for what members of the local music community can do, together and separately, to prevent and respond to sexual harm. The recommendations came from workshops held by SoundCheck Aotearoa earlier this year.

The recommendations are:

  1. Code of Conduct: Develop and embed an industry standard Code of Conduct to set clear expectations of behaviour within the music community.
  2. Training and Resources: Build skills, knowledge and capability in preventing and responding to sexual harm via training and resources.
  3. Culture Change Initiatives: Develop and/or support initiatives and campaigns to support culture change.
  4. Improve Response Systems Around Sexual Harm: Improve complaints/reporting procedures and access to specialist survivor-safe advice, information and representation.
  5. Live Music Events and Safer Spaces: Develop and embed best practice prevention strategies for live music events and safer spaces.
  6. Te Ao Māori and Tangata Tiriti: Support Māori to develop a strategy to end sexual harm in the music community and integrate Te Ao Māori throughout the wider industry strategy.
  7. Develop Culturally Specific Prevention Strategies: Support Pacific, other ethnic groups and Rainbow communities to develop culturally relevant prevention and response strategies to end sexual harm.
  8. Diversity and Inclusion: Develop industry-wide diversity and inclusion strategy while supporting some initial community activities.
  9. Leadership Recommendations: Industry bodies, larger entities and government bodies to provide strong leadership in the area of sexual harm prevention.
  10. Implementation: Principles and considerations for effective and safe rollout of these recommendations.

Find the full report here.