by Silke Hartung

RDU Music Curators

by Silke Hartung

RDU Music Curators

Christchurch indie radio station RDU98.5FM are going to change the way they choose the music for their rotations. Not only will there be five RDU Music Curators in charge of what goes on air, they would also like to encourage you to send them your music.

rdu music curators

The team consists of (from left to right) Brian Feary (Melted Ice Cream, host of The Sheep Technique on RDU, member of The Dance Asthmatics/T54/X-Ray Charles/Wurld Series),  Dave Imlay (Owner of Galaxy Records, member of Into The Void/No Exit/Les Baxters), Gemma Syme (Content Manager at RDU, Instant Fantasy), Ryan Quinlavin (RQ, RQ Product) and Sheldon Williams (White Panther, host of hedspace + Plantspace on RDU).

They prefer mMusic submissions by email to here for a guide to submitting songs to Alt Radio.

After tracks have been submitted they will be sorted by genre and packaged up for our music curators so they can make their weekly selections.

Curators’ choices get submitted on Thursday morning, and new weekly playlist goes to air on Mondays. There are approximately 25-30 new playlist tracks a week.

Weekly “New To Playlists” can be found here.

If you have any queries, or want to know any more details email Gemma.

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