NZ On Air’s 2018 Annual Report in Summary

NZ On Air’s 2018 Annual Report in Summary

The smiling faces of Drax Project feature on the cover of NZ On Air’s 2018 annual report, page one of which reveals a 50% increase in applications this year across the organisation. The financial and performance information included is for the year ended 30 June 2018.

The Music section notes that NZ On Air’s music funding approach was revamped in 2016/17, ‘… with fruits of the success of the New Music Single and New Music Project schemes beginning to be seen during the year.’ Close to $1m was invested into New Music Projects with 23 of the projects drawing the max of $30,000.

‘This year we supported 32 New Music Projects generating 90 released singles from artists as varied as Anika Moa, Theia, Rei, Montell2099, Drax Project, Mel Parsons, Pacific Heights, The Chills, SoccerPractise, Decades, and Ladi6. Projects usually take the form of album or EP releases, based around a multi-single release strategy that includes promotion. We supported 132 songs through New Music Single funding, subsidising the production, music videos and promotion of those songs.’

Named among the big radio and streaming hits are Drax Project, Robinson, Six60, Tomorrow People, Sons of Zion, Stan Walker, Jon Lemmon and Katchafire. Local music on radio was a low 13% in January, picking up to 18% in June 2018.

nzoa-statsHighlighted among the figures are Drax Project’s Woke Up Late with 11m Spotify streams / 6,486 radio plays; Sons of Zion’s Drift Away with 5.5m Spotify streams / 4,214 radio plays; Mitch JamesAll The Ways to Say Goodbye with 6.5m Spotify streams / 959 radio plays; TeeksIf Only attracted 2.5m Spotify streams and Alien Weaponry had 1.3m YouTube views for their Kai Tangata.

‘Streaming is now the largest source of revenue for recorded music, with a 62% share of NZ market revenue in 2017 according to Recorded Music NZ. However, just 6% of all music streamed in NZ is local.’

Auckland’s 95bFM was the most heavily backed student radio station with $220,000 of NZ On Air funding. Radio Active and RDU each got $140,000. Base FM received $120,000, Radio Control  $75,000, Most FM (Taranaki) and Christchurch’s Pulzar FM $60,000 each. Among the mainstream stations given grants for programming local content shows it was The Edge who benefitted most with $200,000 in funding.

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