ISC 2020 Semi-Finalists Announced

ISC 2020 Semi-Finalists Announced

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) has announced the 2020 semi-finalists, a long list that includes over 40 Kiwi entries across the many categories, particularly present under Children’s Music, Teen and Folk.

Chances of a big local win look especially strong for Children’s Music with six entries from across Aotearoa, including audience favourites such as ‘Wonky Donkey Man’ Craig Smith, Claudia Robin Gunn and Fleabite.

One interesting semi-finalist is Te Vaka‘s We Know The Way in the World Music category, considering the song was initially released in 2016 on the soundtrack for Disney movie Moana, and indeed Lin-Manuel Miranda is listed as co-writer.

Unsigned Only

  • Alayna: I’ll Be Seeing You
  • Arlo Mac: Ease My Mind
  • Juri Laurent: Shiver

AC (Adult Contemporary)

  • Andrew Masseurs: Get Up


  • Ant Utama: Your New Home
  • Harry Parsons: Good Time
  • Ed Waaka: Revolution
  • Ella Vera: Cake


  • Arjuna Oakes: One For
  • Darren Watson: Ernie Abbott

Children’s Music

  • Chris Sanders: Mittens Official Song
  • Claudia Robin Gunn: Like An Astronaut
  • Craig Smith: The Grinny Granny Donkey
  • Hey Duby: Good Morning
  • Judi Cranston: KindyRock Jiggles
  • Fleabite: Chihuahua


  • Christopher Justin: Brilliance

AAA (Adult Album Alternative)

  • Damien Binder: Here It Is
  • Kelly Fletcher-Jones: A Song For Pearl


  • Darren Watson: Ernie Abbott
  • Phil & Lana Doublet: My Old Man No More

Pop/Top 40

  • Eden Iris: I Just Can’t Turn It Off
  • Juri Laurent: Shiver

Music Video

  • Em Joy: The Feast
  • Francesca Kubala: Spoiler Alert

RnB/Hip Hop

  • Emily Muli: Rhythm & Truth
  • Seth Haapu: All For You


  • Francesca Kubala: Welcome To The Circus
  • Arlo Mac: Ease My Mind
  • Monet: Excuses
  • Sabreen Islam: Glow
  • Girl: Lifeline
  • Zach Newton: Grey And Blue (Peace)


World Music:

  • Te Vaka: We Know The Way (With Intro Of Tulou Tagaloa)
  • Seth Haapu: Ūkaipō


  • Talz: Genah


  • Truda Chadwick: It Haunts Me Still


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