Video Premiere: Inside Kimbra’s Vocal Creativity & Production Course on Soundfly

Video Premiere: Inside Kimbra’s Vocal Creativity & Production Course on Soundfly

Our very own Grammy-winning pop star Kimbra is featuring in a comprehensive new vocal course presented by international online music school Soundfly

Hamilton pop artist Kimbra has released her first-ever online course, created in partnership with innovative music education platform Soundfly. The wide-spanning course offers a never-before-seen look inside Kimbra’s creative process, including in-depth breakdowns of many of her biggest hits – and is designed to equip students with the skills they need to create similarly evocative performances, lush arrangements, and compelling productions.

Built around a research-backed, active learning model, Soundfly is a subscription-based online music education platform, offering creative courses, community and mentorship to professional and amateur musicians. Hamilton-raised, now New York-based Kimbra is best known for tracks including Top Of The World, Settle Down, and of course, Gotye’s global smash Somebody That I Used to Know, which earned her two Grammys.

In the new online course descriptively badged Kimbra: Vocal Creativity, Arranging and Production, Kimbra explores her dynamic vocal and production approach in over 40 videos, walking students through her singing technique, songwriting process, arrangements, and even opening up the Pro Tools sessions of songs including Top Of The World, Goldmine, Like They Do On The TV, and lots more, giving students an unprecedented view of how the tracks actually came together.

“The first time I heard Kimbra’s music, she was using nothing but a loop pedal and her voice to create this incredible, complex arrangement,” recalls Soundfly founder and CEO Ian Temple. “She is without a doubt one of the most creative voices in pop music today. We’re excited to help bring her techniques to light, so that our students can transform their own use of the voice and approach to music-making.”

“I made this course for any artist out there who wants to expand what’s possible to do as a singer and producer,” says Kimbra. “I hope to give students the tools to deepen their songwriting, understand how to use production to accentuate the voice, and ultimately create music that is unique, honest, and inspired.

“We go deep on plugins and how to shape and carve out space for the voice. We touch on the body a lot in this course – I think it’s something that’s often overlooked when we get into technical stuff – we can forget that your instrument has so much to do with your muscles and posture. So I’m excited for people that might be a little in their head with their music to actually get into their bodies as singers. And I can’t wait for people to start learning and to see what they take away from the course and how it changes their process. Because that’s really what it all comes down to. Learning is essential to keeping your process fresh so that it doesn’t feel laboured and make you lose motivation.”

Founded in 2014 by Ian Temple, Soundfly has pioneered their effective online learning model for musicians at a variety of levels, by developing high-quality interactive content, with a focus on the science of how people learn. Soundfly offers a range of options, including a subscription to their full library of music courses, on topics from songwriting to hip hop production, as well as a custom mentorship program.

Kimbra: Vocal Creativity, Arranging and Production is available now as part of Soundfly’s course subscription, alongside dozens of courses on a range of musical topics from production to songwriting, music business to mixing, and more.

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