Ignite’s Alexis Rowe Receives MAINZ Scholarship

Ignite’s Alexis Rowe Receives MAINZ Scholarship

Twelve young Aucklanders have graduated from the 12-week youth initiative Ignite, with one participant, 17-year-old Alexis Rowe, being awarded a MAINZ Scholarship.

“Alexis is a very passionate young woman. She’s a quick learner and grabbed every opportunity presented to her as well as volunteering at every Ignite event for her peers. It’s a great attitude she’ll carry into this industry and I have no doubt she has a very big future ahead of her,” says Ignite’s founder, Savina Fountain.

Alexis was mentored by artist liaison manager and tour manager Josh Smith.

Josh was very impressed with Alexis and enjoyed mentoring her through the programme. “I landed to the news and was so happy to hear she won! Alexis is intelligent and a hard worker, I’m sure she will make the most of the scholarship and future opportunities that come her way!”

Ignite launched in 2016, pairing teenagers with Kiwi music industry mentors, giving them the opportunity of gaining knowledge and practical experience in event management.

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After a year-long hiatus, the programme returned in 2018, this time with an additional pilot programme in music production for four young producers.