MAINZ (The Music And Audio Institute Of New Zealand)

Auckland, Christchurch


Duration: One year, full time
Commences: February 2017 (Auckland and Christchurch)
Entry requirements: NCEA level 1 or equivalent. Criteria apply – see
Emphasis: Introduces students to the world of DJing and electronic music from a professional perspective. During the year, they will gain a solid foundation in the theory and practice of DJing and using computers to make music.
Qualification gained: Certificate in DJ and Electronic Music Production. Level 4.
Facilities: Eight DJ booths equipped with a mix of club and battle mixers, Technics 1200 turntables, iMacs with Serato DJ and Ableton Live, Pioneer CDJs, several types of MIDI controllers and KRK studio monitors.
Tutors: Chris Cox, Jason Diallo
Programme leader: Paul Bimler (Chch), Chris Cox (Akld)
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Phone: 0800 265 526

Programme: FOUNDATION SOUND AND MUSIC (Level 2 or 3)
Duration: 6 months,
full time
Commences: February 2017 (MAINZ Auckland and Greymouth campuses) and July 2017
Entry requirements: NCEA Level 1 Literacy
Emphasis: Provides opportunities for students to compose, perform, engineer, produce and operate live sound equipment while developing literacy, numeracy and study skills. The Foundation year is designed to help students work towards further study in live sound, audio or music performance.
Qualification gained: NZ Certificate in Foundation Skills (Level 2) or NZ Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 3).
Facilities: Fully equipped project recording room, computer labs, rehearsal rooms and auditorium.
Tutors: Phil Oxenham, Jean McAllister, Daniel Costello, Juliex Taylor-Reid, Wayne Baird, Christmas Ropati and Harry Champion
Programme leader: Phil Oxenham
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Phone: 0800 265 526

Duration: One year, full time
Commences: February 2017 (Akld and Chch)
Entry requirements: NCEA level 1 or equivalent. Criteria apply –
Emphasis: Incorporates sound engineering and lighting skills in addition to set construction and design. Students also study event management, administration and computing.
Qualification gained: Certificate in Live Sound and Event Production. Level 4.
Career prospects: Live sound engineers, stage technicians, AV technicians, lighting personnel and general crew.
Prominent graduates: Sandy Gunn (Cirque de Soleil) Tuki Huck (Sony NZ), Savina Kim, Brooke Duncan (Oceania Audio), Anthony Johnson (The Production Co.)
Facilities: Purpose-built auditorium with concert PA and lighting systems, musical instruments and amplifiers, and DJ gear.
Tutors: Auckland – Tony McMaster, Dave McIvor, Dion Anderson. Christchurch – Dave Stone.
Programme leaders: Tony McMaster (Akld), Dave Stone (Chch)
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Phone: 0800 265 526

Duration: One year, full time
Commences: February and July 2017 (Akld)
Entry requirements: Criteria apply – see
Emphasis: Students form bands, study then perform eight different styles of contemporary music during the year. Emphasis is on preparing students for the entertainment industry by tutors who are real world, gigging musicians, and regular guest lecturers who are well-known people from the industry.
Qualification gained: Certificate in Contemporary Music Performance. Level 4.
Facilities: Four rehearsal rooms, computer labs, recording studios.
Prominent graduates: Aidan Bartlett (Midnight Youth), Manase Fao’I (Te Vaka), Lee Morunga (Lion King), Zowie.
Tutors: Chris Orange, Tony Waine, Alan Brown, Johnny Fleury, Josh Sorenson and John Quigley.
Programme leader: Chris Orange
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Contact: Auckland Campus admin.
Phone: 0800 265 526

Duration: One year, full time
Commences: February 2016
Entry requirements: NCEA level 3 or equivalent. Criteria apply – see
Qualification: Diploma in Music Event Management. Level 5.
Emphasis: Provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment in the music industry. The high industry focus means students are actively involved in organising real events.
Career prospects: Event, tour and band management, employment with record, publishing and public performance companies.
Tutors: Kingsley Melhuish, John Quigley and Tony Waine.
Programme leader: Kingsley Melhuish
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Phone: 0800 265 526

Programme: Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Production (Level 7)
Duration: 3 years, full time
Commences: February 2016 (Auckland and Christchurch) and July (Auckland)
Entry requirements: Applicants should have NCEA Level 3 in English and Music, and either Physics or Maths. Applicants who have Level 2 in Physics and Maths who can provide evidence (in the form of a portfolio of relevant work) that they can successfully complete the programme, may be accepted into Year One at the Programme Leader’s discretion.
Emphasis: Multi-track studio recording, multimedia, jingle writing, live recording.
Qualification gained: Bachelor in Audio Engineering and Production. Level 7. or Graduate Diploma in Audio Engineering and Production (Level 7)
Career prospects: Professional careers in audio-visual post-production, TV, radio, jingle production, studio recording, technical and multimedia industries.
Facilities: ProTools-based digital multi-track recording studios, Mac-based sequencing. Two studios each in Auckland and Christchurch.
Tutors: Auckland – Zed Brookes, Angus McNaughton, Paul Streekstra, Daryl Tapsell, Roy Martyn. Christchurch – Ivan Shevchuk, Richard Hallum, Matt Scott.
Programme leaders: John Bassett (Akld), Matt Scott (Chch)
Prominent graduates: Geoff Paddison (Prime), Jonny Pipe, Shane Taipari and Nich Cunningham (Franklin Rd), Jordan Stone (Roundhead), Buster Flaws (Park Road Post).
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Phone: 0800 265 526

Duration: 3 years, full time
Commences: February & July 2017 (Auckland)
Entry requirements: A national certificate at Level 4 or NCEA Level 3 and Audition. Criteria apply – go to for details
Qualification gained: Bachelor of Musical Arts.
Emphasis: Designed to assist students launch a career in the music industry. Students learn a range of skills in music performance, theory, composition and arrangement. A strong music production pathway in the degree allows electronic music performance and audio engineering focused students to develop their skills alongside music performance students. The final year is very self-directed with students mentored through a programme of research and project work culminating in the production of a portfolio of work applicable to the student’s preferred career path.
Career prospects: Professional musician, music production, private teaching, music industry businesses. The degree may provide a pathway to an institutional teaching career by following the BMusArts with the completion of a Graduate Diploma in Education.
Tutors: John Bassett, Harry Lyon, Alan Brown, Tony Waine, Roy Martyn.
Programme leader: Mark Baynes
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Duration: One year, full time
Commences: February, April, July, October 2017
Entry requirements: Open to students who have successfully completed an under-graduate degree; or a Diploma at Level 5-6 who can demonstrate substantial practical experience in their chosen field. Special entry may be granted where evidence exists that the applicant can successfully complete the programme.
Applicants for whom English is a second language must meet IELTS (or equivalent) Level 6.
Qualification gained: Graduate Diploma in Business and Enterprise.
Emphasis: The Graduate Diploma in Business and Enterprise would provide level 6 and 7 students with the opportunity to study business and entrepreneurial skills in the context of the creative and other industries. It would provide students with the opportunity to focus on a capstone project in the industry they nominate which could lead to future employment, research or study. It aims to challenge students in terms of business creativity and enterprising thought.
This programme may also appeal to international students who have an undergraduate degree or diploma from their home-land and wish to round this off with a post graduate qualification which equips them with a broad range of business skills learned in a progressive country such as NZ.
Career prospects: Business and new venture development, self-employment, marketing, event management, and consulting etc.
Tutors: Keith Macky and Scott Bulloch
Programme leader: Keith Macky
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Phone: 0800 265 526
NOTE: Entry criteria for all MAINZ full-time programmes are available on Programme fees are subject to change.

MAINZ Auckland and Christchurch campuses are Avid Certified Pro-Tools Training Locations and offer short courses in Internationally-recognised Pro-Tools qualifications.
MAINZ also runs regular short courses in DJing, Logic, Sibelius, Ableton Live, Live Sound and Home Recording; and hosts workshops by visiting international academics and speakers in song-writing. For detailed information about short courses see

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