APRA Aotearoa Mentorship Programme Opens

APRA Aotearoa Mentorship Programme Opens

APRA have announced a new APRA Aotearoa Mentorship Programme, an initiative to provide emerging songwriters with one-on-one mentoring from established artists around the country.

The aim is to provide direct mentoring to nurture and grow skills and knowledge in an area of specific need. 13 mentors from various backgrounds have been selected based on their skills, leadership, and guidance capabilities: Annah Mac, Buzz Moller, David Long, Delaney Davidson, Deva Mahal, Diaz Grimm, Emily C Browning, Emily Wheatcroft-Snape, Jenny Mitchell, Lavina Williams, Theia, Tiki Taane, Tom Healy.

APRA members are now invited to apply, with applications closing March 29. 

More info and the application form are available here.