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Reviewed by Stu Edwards

Valedictions: Pieces

Reviewed by Stu Edwards

Valedictions: Pieces

Auckland three-piece Valedictions deliver a loud and proud full-length debut with title track Pieces featuring as the opening single.

With lapse photography, the album’s cover photography creates a fantastic illusion of a band with wider personnel, and the sound within equates to a grand sonic equation.

The wide range of tempos and moods makes the album an easy listen that delivers something new each play. Look At Me Now weaves its way through syncopated chord progressions with a simple and haunting melody.

Bass player Ivan De Los Santos smashes his way through Come On, leading the trio with confidence.

Valedictions don’t suffer from any form of a myopic approach to their writing with songs such as Give Me The Night building a slow brooding groove, in contrast to more manic tracks like Hard Life, which is simply unrelenting.

Vocalist/guitarist Jarrod Ross shares production duties with Olly Harmer and the two have created a polished product, the quality of songs helping to deliver a fully satisfying album debut.

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