Reviewed by Stu Edwards

Sean Bodley: Genesis

Reviewed by Stu Edwards

Sean Bodley: Genesis

With each subsequent release, Tauranga’s Sean Bodley continues to affirm his place in Kiwi rock as a merchant of melody and cool.

‘Genesis’ is full of what Bodley is good at, driving instrumental guitar rock with solid melodies and hooks.

While there are perhaps no surprises here, Bodley must be commended on maintaining a steady flow of creativity and inspiration since his debut release in 1999.

The majority of this album is live band format, with the exception of Cyber Villain, featuring some deft synth programming.

7even 8ight 9ine brims with a propulsive double-time groove and hooked filled melody.

While the genre can be guilty of too often being sanguine, ‘Genesis’ shows its teeth on Frozen with a more aggressive detuned approach.

Bodley’s guitar tone is rich, warm and well measured. His years of experimentation are obvious, these 10 tracks presented with polish and confidence.

Here Comes Trouble provides a break in the running theme of the album and mid-song boogie section reminiscent of ZZ Top’s La Grange provides the perfect sound bed for the ensuing harmonica, piano and guitar solo trade-offs.

Fans of instrumental rock guitar should continue to, or begin following Sean Bodley, because it’s good, and he’s ours.

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