Reviewed by Inda Yansané

*Joy*: Ghost EP

Reviewed by Inda Yansané

*Joy*: Ghost EP

‘Ghost’ by elusive Christchurch musician *Joy* is a slow-burning experience.

It is the second EP from a planned triptych which saw a first EP released in October and a third to be released at the end of December 2017.

The superb recording by the artist with mastering by Chris Chetland effortlessly blend aural idiosyncrasies such as recorded vocal cuts and Arabic melodies on Fall’s Déjà Vu or Japanese traditional singing on Ghost.

Lucy Hiku’s voice, present on most tracks, is rich and expressive, especially on The Tree Of Infinity.

There is just one thing – it sometimes sounds like *Joy* has not made up his own mind.

‘Ghost’ seems to strive to find its feet – halfway between straight-up electronica and actual songs.

This perceived struggle tends to keep the listener at bay, for nobody wants to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, unless it is a manifest artistic point. In places, there is a feeling of vocal superimposition on sound more than complete musical harmony.

*Joy* describes his work as a lifetime project and titled the first EP of his series ‘The Music To Live For’, which is a worthwhile and formidable endeavour.

He might, however, have to reconcile his seemingly disconnected wishes and desires to achieve that for listeners.