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Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Sandy Mill: A Piece Of Me EP

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Sandy Mill: A Piece Of Me EP

Sandy Mill has been gifting her considerable vocal, songwriting and instrumental talents to a who’s who of local and international musicians since the 1990s, building an extremely impressive discography of collaborations.

Now, it’s her turn to shine, with a new debut album called ‘A Piece Of Me’. Short and sweet at only five songs, ‘A Piece Of Me’ is rooted in blues and soul, although the lead single Let It Go falls firmly in the realm of alt-rock, with a wall of guitars adding a layer of grit.

Country music also makes an appearance with the lilting Charade, although this is concealed behind a veneer of gentle soul-inflected vocals, and shimmering instrumentation.

However, it’s on Light Of Day where Mill and her band shine, voice and performances gelling perfectly with the soul genre.

This is an accomplished and resonant recording with backing support from luminaries including Andrew Park, Jeremy Toy, Milan Borich, Dianne Swann and Sean Donnelly who all contribute to Mill’s sound.

As a taster of what she has to offer it’s very satisfying, although with only five songs ‘A Piece Of Me’ leaves you wanting more, and surely that’s the best result.

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