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Reviewed by Lewis Hoban

Pale Lady: Told To Fold EP

Reviewed by Lewis Hoban

Pale Lady: Told To Fold EP

The sound shared between the four self-declared “rock fanatics” of Pale Lady, who met studying the same degree and realised they all shared similar music tastes, is one instantly recognisable to listeners who make sure their car radio stays militantly tuned to dedicated drive-home stations like The Rock and Hauraki.

An assortment of recognisable and easily digestible rock riffs that, on the surface may appear run of the mill, yet might just hold something more.

Co-recorded (with Pale Lady), mixed and produced by Tarrant Sheppard, this five-track EP is the band’s debut official release, and for a first deal, it certainly ticks off the necessary boxes. Though opening track Can’t Forget About It and the immediate following Don’t Let This Be Your Life are intended to be the album’s attention-grabbers with their unfortunately flat hooks and airy choruses, it’s the fourth track, Empty Space (Where Were They?!), which really stands out. Here the more-relaxed, fun pop-rock groove becomes much more cohesive and genuinely memorable.

Beyond The Quota as well hints at a smarter sound, with its unforeseen piano flourish giving a somewhat bespoke air to what is otherwise a collection of accessible metal-lite. It’s also the one time the vocals seem to rise above the vague monotone, with lead vocalist and bassist Conall Ryan letting loose a rather excitable wail.

Similarly, the EP’s title track and closer seem to be operating on an entirely different motif from the previous four tracks, harnessing something truly enveloping.

‘Told To Fold’ is a release that gets better the further you get into it. Whether or not that is a positive or a negative is up to the listener. 

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