Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Neil And Liam Finn: Lightsleeper

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Neil And Liam Finn: Lightsleeper

If there is one musician whose year has brought some interesting turns it’s likely to be Neil Finn, and his latest collaborative work with oldest son Liam has created more fascinating buzz.

The collaboration, a new album called ‘Lightsleeper’, had its genesis many years ago. The pair have played a number of different shows together, showcasing their natural chemistry as performers and their eclectic new collection of classic pop songs with unexpected layered, aural textures.

These are particularly found in the funky melody and skittering beats of the bonkers Where’s My Room, or the Mike Garson-esque piano solo on We Know What It Means.

Highlights abound, from the gentle Hawaiian strum and simple arrangement of Anger Plays A Part, and the Greek bouzoukis of instant classic Back To Life.

Listen is a personal favourite, another stately gem, and a reminder of the talents Neil Finn is bringing to Fleetwood Mac.

A number of musicians played a part in the making of this record: Sharon and Elroy Finn, Connan Mockasin and Mick Fleetwood, who drums on three tracks, but it clearly belongs to the father-and-son duo, their combined natural talents in abundant evidence.

An accusation could be levelled that touches of self-indulgence do occur on ‘Lightsleeper’, but these are fleeting, and when songs and performances are this good right across an album it doesn’t matter at all. 

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