Reviewed by Louisa Nicklin

Marlin’s Dreaming: Talk On/Commic EP

Reviewed by Louisa Nicklin

Marlin’s Dreaming: Talk On/Commic EP

‘Talk On/Commic’ is a six-track release from Dunedin’s dreamy, alternative surf rock group Marlin’s DreamingSemisi Maiai, Tim McNaughton, Oscar Johns and Hamish Morgan.

Despite being described as surf rock, ‘Talk On/Commic’ isn’t a classic surf EP filled in with obvious reverb, delay and fast drums. This EP draws you in with the colourful guitar tones and catchy vocals, and encourages you to hang around for the dazed textures and down to earth lyrics.

Recorded at the atmospheric Chick’s Hotel by Tom Bell, it was mixed and mastered by Murray Fisher.

I’ll Stick By You kicks things off, drawing the listener in with Semisi Maiai’s charismatic, vaguely bored vocals. Throughout the tracks Maiai moves between a pithy, personable spoken voice and sung melodies that float across the lush guitar tones.

Easy Lines grooves along while he displays his vocal ease and wit. The alternative nature of the band shines through most in Funeral Service, with dissonance and unconventional tones coming through at the end, giving depth to the track.

Marlin’s Dreaming keep things interesting with varied textures throughout and by giving contrast between and within tracks. The emptiness in the middle of Valencia gives the EP room, and the listener time to digest.

This is a strong follow up to their successful 2017 release ‘Lizard Tears’, proving that Marlin’s Dreaming know their way around surf music and how to bend the rules to good effect.