Reviewed by Kat Waswo

Katchafire: Legacy

Reviewed by Kat Waswo

Katchafire: Legacy

Waikato’s reggae legends Katchafire seem rarely out view but somehow it has been five years between the last release and their pointedly entitled fifth studio album, ‘Legacy’.

Katchafire have been actively performing and touring worldwide since 2000 making the album title, along with the beautifully illustrated waka on the cover, worthy imagery.

Seducing brass, grooving guitar, hypnotising harmonies, Katchafire have got next summer’s road trip music covered. Known for bending genres and blending Kiwi skank into their sound, the production is sizzling hot, like the NZ sand on a hot January day.

Packed with lyrics about love the album highlights include 100 for some unusually chilled jazzy grooves. One More Day brings some sexy sax and eerie synth styles and Living As 1 takes a trip to the late ‘80s with its smooth retro funk.

Released under Universal NZ / Zojak Worldwide, this 12-song-collection was recorded in various locations from Hamilton to Hawaii, to the birthplace of reggae, Jamaica.

The joyful collaboration and loving vibes from the talented musicians involved has been infused into each track.

Getting to number one on the US reggae chart within hours of release, this album is a strong announcement to the world that brings the sunshine magic and reminds us of the relevance of their internationally blended roots music. Conquering with the sound of reggae, capturing a global audience of the widest age range, Katchafire Ain’t Gona Give Up. 

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