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Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Kylie Price: Bones EP

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Kylie Price: Bones EP

It must have been a whirlwind five years for Dunedin singer/songwriter Kylie Price – including winning five Gold Guitar Awards locally in 2012 and two awards at the 2016 Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards.

Moving away from the country-folk style that she cut her teeth on with her first EP ‘Wanderer/Wonderer’, this second EP shows her moving into more of a pop style, with a richer production and layered vocal arrangements.

Price has been working towards ‘Bones,’ for some time, taking thematic inspiration from everyday life, and love. Vocally she has taken a step forward – Bones makes the most of her gorgeous ringing voice, channelling both Anika Moa and Emmylou Harris in places, while still keeping her own musical identity.

Though firmly in the pop genre, country music touches still appear here and there in Price’s vocal phrasing, as well as the acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Written with multi-instrumentalist and producer Maddy Parkins-Craig (Hunting Bears) and Auckland-based singer/songwriter Abby Wolfe on the acoustic, bluesy highlight Here With Me, ‘Bones’ is a vehicle for Price’s songwriting and vocal talents.

Recorded at Parkins-Craig’s Funky Cat Studios in Dunedin the EP has a gloss that belies the fact this is only her second release. ‘Bones’ shows Price to be an artist not afraid to change her established repertoire and push her own boundaries. 

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