Reviewed by Jesse Austin

Kenington: Going Nowhere (Faster Than You)

Reviewed by Jesse Austin

Kenington: Going Nowhere (Faster Than You)

UK-born, now Auckland-based musician Mark Kenington ’s debut album is an alt pop/rock work that blends reflective lyrics with an upbeat energy that’s constantly pushing forward.

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by seasoned rock maestro Andrew Buckton the album sounds clean and pristine, perfectly measured for the style. The title track plays with an interesting indie groove before the poetic refrain that is the song’s title in the chorus.

Just A Man uses the 6/8 meter to create a lush, washed out chorus, full of soothing texture. Is It Any Wonder is an interesting turning point in the album. Stripping the arrangement back for the rest of the songs creates an almost contemplative pocket, giving space to pause and reflect.

Kenington provides naturally bright, upper-register tenor vocals, piano and Rhodes throughout, while Buckton also gets credits for all guitars, bass, keys and more besides.

‘Going Nowhere (Faster Than You)’ is an exciting debut from an accomplished artist we haven’t heard much about yet. Hopefully the promises these songs bring mean there will be more to come.

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