Reviewed by Alex Baird

Jeremy Redmore: Clouds Are Alive

Reviewed by Alex Baird

Jeremy Redmore: Clouds Are Alive

Leaving behind his life as frontman for the evidently too successful for his liking Midnight Youth, Jeremy Redmore has set course for a collision of folk, pop-rock and country with this debut solo album.

Released under Redmore’s own record label via Warner Music, ‘Clouds Are Alive’ is a bold move towards an almost Jason Mraz-esque acoustic underpinning a newly found folk-rock sound.

Bad Philosophy introduces us to a reincarnation. The most well worn single on the album, the track has gained rotation fuelled by an infectious, catchy tune.

The next nine are an eclectic mix, the fidgety album struggling to deliver a cohesive sound, Redmore instead leaping around, getting lost in ambition to showcase his new direction. Suddenly, we come to Run Run, a striking rock tune harking back to Midnight Youth that uncomfortably sticks out of an album otherwise championing softer upbeat pop-rock and folk-country.

On Waimarino, perhaps the most melancholy track of the album, he echoes dreamily over an acoustic backing, the wistful sound beautiful in its simplicity.

As a solo artist Jeremy Redmore remains a work in progress and, while this is well worth attention, it seems we will have to wait for a sophomore release to know more about his musical forecast.

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