Reviewed by Ben Ruegg

Gold Medal Famous: Activity

Reviewed by Ben Ruegg

Gold Medal Famous: Activity

In this sixth Gold Medal Famous release the experimentalist Wellington trio of Vorn Colgan, Tamsin Grigg and Chris Wilson have delivered an album that explores the concept of creating sounds anonymously, then creating music and ideas from it.

The thing that immediately hits the listener is that you are not going to be getting to what you might have been expecting. The sounds in opening track Stet seem like something from an old Atari or Commodore 64 game.

With what could be Latin being gently spoken over the top of buzzing synth bass and short staccato use of the generated sounds to create a beat, it demonstrates that Gold Medal Famous know how to organise sound into artwork.

I would go as far as to describe this as modern art using sonics in place of colour.

The self-evidently named Source File is described by the band as all the sound files created for the album layered together.

Once past this point, we are taken on a journey where they create images of what it is like to buy a house in… We Bought A House, how it feels to have the flu in Sick, and in It’s Science they cleverly rap about scientific methodology.

Mastered by Danny Mañetto, ‘Activity’ sounds fantastic and has a sonic edge that helps to reinforce the avant-garde, almost Laurie Anderson-like at times, sound that is found on this album.