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Reviewed by Ania Glowacz

Dreams Are Like Water: A Sea-Spell EP

Reviewed by Ania Glowacz

Dreams Are Like Water: A Sea-Spell EP

This 4-track EP by Dreams Are Like Water was born in Wellington.

Essentially dream pop with a gothic edge, the personnel responsible are Rosebud Garland on voice, piano and bass; James Scott Palmer on synths, keys, guitar and noises; Michel Rowland on guitar, bass, vocals and programming.

Despite it originally being envisaged as only for friends their recorded debut is truly lovely. Opener A Sea-Spell is ethereal, poetic and shoegazey.

(Thrice) In Blood descends musically into goth/post-punk territory, whilst the hope-filled vocals sail over the top. 1990s bands such as Lush and All About Eve spring to mind, a nice piano break countering the dark underbelly.

Ineffable is in total Cocteau Twins/Cure territory but sounds knockout. Rolling and swirling goth vibes, with clever interplay of dual vocals weaving in and out through the middle, the track bookended by grand brushstrokes of sound. More piano trickle here and there contrasting nicely with the musical hubbub.

Interestingly(!) titled closer Feathered Infant Bells is epic in a Fields Of The Nephilim way, a big musical intro Mission-like guitar lines, vocals only in the middle of the song and building to an epic close.  

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