Reviewed by Abbey Harker-Ferguson

Denizen Now: Win It All EP

Reviewed by Abbey Harker-Ferguson

Denizen Now: Win It All EP

Auckland-based musician Talaiasi Lyndon ‘Ofamooni, aka Denizen Now, is the creative force behind this confidently titled EP of four equally inviting tracks.

All lyrics, all music composition and arrangements are ‘Ofamooni’s work, with various guest artists adding instrumental parts.

The vocal styling of Victor Hawkins-Sulfa identifies the opening two tracks All It Takes and Still Wondering, while Sam Allen features on the upbeat, pop-infused, title track Win It All.

Not to be outdone by his well-selected featured guests, ‘Ofamooni himself delivers a smooth and emotive vocal on Tell Me, a soulful and heartfelt track that quietly commands attention. Well-placed harmonies support memorable melodies, complimenting the lead vocals.

‘Win It All’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Lab, with engineer Olly Harmer also providing the Moog mix, and a dream team of a band.

John McNab provided guitars and tenor saxophone, Keith Milbank on various keyboards including Wurlitzer and Hammond organ, Matt Shanks on bass, Finn Scholes on Hammond organ, trumpet, and other horns.

‘Ofannooni provided drums, synth bass and BVs.

‘Win It All’ proves a clever blend of pop-infused soul that feels fresh, expressive, and impresses from start to finish.

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