Reviewed by Amy Maynard

Sonic Delusion: This Material World

Reviewed by Amy Maynard

Sonic Delusion: This Material World

The brainchild of New Plymouth resident Andre Manella, Sonic Delusion ‘s ‘This Material World’ was recorded at Calvert Rd Studio with Matt Sephton from Coro Sonic Lab, and mastered by Mike Gibson.

The album is described as too funky for folk, and too folky for funk – and it’s just that – a magical blend of folk and funk that will keep you guessing at what the next track will offer.

The opening track, (coincidentally enough named Funky) is full of tasty bass grooves, punchy horn lines, a driving rhythm and catchy melodic hooks that make you want to get up and dance.

Words and Strings begins as a beautifully sombre ballad showcasing the softer side of Manella’s voice, then segues into an unexpected, thigh-slapping, uplifting folk number.

A favourite track is Remote, co-written by Taranaki’s Missie Moffat.

It features a darker, deeper, and huskier Manella, interspersed with haunting wailing backing vocals.

Sephton has done a great job at capturing the essence of Sonic Delusion and together, Manella and his team have created an album that takes you through a myriad of musical genres with something for everyone to enjoy.

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