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Reviewed by Kat Waswo

Churlington: Untitled EP

Reviewed by Kat Waswo

Churlington: Untitled EP

Opening with a chug of double kick and epic synthy-fused guitars, this is knowingly going to be tight like a tiger, and heavy like an ox on downers. Released in 2018, the busy bunch of boys of Churlington present ‘Untitled’ for appreciators of darker-faster music: the band’s ninth outing since 2015.

Originally from Fielding, now mainly Wellington-based, this quintuplet of spazziness have refined their moody thrashes into a well-rounded mix of screaming-gang to clean vocals, distorted riffs to surfy delay effects – brinking on the edge of hardcore thrash whilst paying tribute to punk influences of the past.

This three-track digital release could easily sit under the ‘blackened crust’ metal genre.
Churlington are known for their hilariously long song titles, and opening track Waiting, Are They? Waiting, Are They? Well, Let ‘Em Wait! is an awesome introduction to their array of talent.

Lasting just under two minutes, shortest track Life Is Full Of Misery, Loneliness, And SufferingAnd It’s All Over Much Too Soon showcases their sarcastically fun side. In contrast the final track Sometimes I Lie Awake At Night, And I Ask, ‘Where Have I Gone Wrong?’ Then A Voice Says To Me, ‘This Is Going To Take More Than One Night’ might as well be an entire album. Not because it’s nine minutes long, but because it’s basically a mini-feature film, written with churning guitars for angry voices.

Talented storytellers, Churlington’s passion for thrash bleeds directly into your ear sockets. Daniel Brown (vocals/guitar) and James Cartwright (drums and production) were the original two-piece, since joined by Jason Tipping (bass/vocals), Sam Blyth (guitar/vocals) and Phil Aye (guitar/vocals).

These guys are fuelled for take-off and there is no denying their abilities to smash it. Their next release is probably not far away, so keep an eye out for Churlington – and prepare to brace for action. Chur.

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