by Simon Ross

Rangikura Precious Tunes: Cricket Farm – Nod And Smile

by Simon Ross

Rangikura Precious Tunes: Cricket Farm – Nod And Smile

Auckland Indie-folk/jazz trio Cricket Farm, made up of Hayley Robertson, Sims Ross (Yebiisu, The Murderchord) and Joel Vinsen (Ijebu Pleasure Club, Spiral), have released their debut album ‘Bending Spoons’ today, described by the band as “music for hopeless romantic conspiracy theorists”. Sims kindly agreed to run us through Nod And Smile, one of the songs, chords and all. Take it away, Sims!

Nod and Smile is a simple four chord song about best friends. Some people are lucky enough to have a friend they get to know so well that meaningful communications can be established through a simple nod and a smile. It’s about the ability to sit and share a comfortable silence with a loved one.

This song was a collaborative effort which was originally started by Hayley and later finished by Sims. In an attempt to make the song longer, Sims wrote ten copycat verses with identical melody and it just so happened that one of them was actually worthy being usThere are some extra notes on top of these chords. If you’re playing guitar then we suggest you just waggle your little finger around the high strings until you find them.

|| E | D | A | E ||

|| E | D | A | E

Gentle sigh of the wind tells of the times that turned and looked away from a shadow covered day. 

| E | D | A | E

My minds eye sees so much I can’t describe but I never worry coz you never mind.

|| G D | E | G D | E

Good thing I don’t have to explain, coz you and I are always on the same page.

| G D | E | G D | E

I look into your eyes and you look into mine and we knowingly just nod and smile.

| G D

|| E | D | A | E

Trace out lines of the clouds in the sky with our fingers in the air and a twinkle in our eyes.

| E | D | A | E

My my my how the time keep tickin’ by the older that we get the more it seems to fly.

|| G D | E | G D

Coz you and me we are the same, we’re pulling faces when the wind’s about to change. 

| E | G D | E | G | D

There’s no danger in my mind with you by my side don’t be a stranger friend, 

| E | G D | E | G D | E ||

be mine.  Do do do do do do do do.

Rangikura – Cricket Farm – Nod And Smile PDF