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Premiere: No Girl – Make It Easy

Premiere: No Girl – Make It Easy

No Girl is an indie four-piece from Auckland made up of Seamus Maguire (3 Little Pubes, Wormfarm, Spektic Records), Louisa Nicklin (Moses), Charlotte Nicklin and Harry Falkiner. Blending punchy bass with dreamy-yet-grunge textures, pop synths and melodic vocals, they’ve just released Make It Easy, the debut single from their upcoming debut album ‘Whelmed’, due out in early 2019.

Make It Easy was written collaboratively by the band, around a framework created by Louisa Nicklin. Louisa was kind enough to write a few words about the song for NZM.

‘Writing this was a pretty collaborative process and the initial intention was to have a song that was propelled by the bass and vocals, rather than rhythm guitar. It feels kind of grunge, but also poppy, which is the result of us collaborating on aspects of the song and all our different backgrounds and musical tastes coming together. The track moves between a wash of uncertainty and noise-based textures into clearer melodies. 

The lyrics are about slightly superstitious thoughts that people use to rationalise behaviours or prepare for events. Basically, the song is about the activities and thoughts (rational or not) that allow daily life to be easier. 

This single is complemented by a dreamy synth track – Looking Through, which is a stripped-back version of a song from the upcoming album. The ideas in this are inspired by vanity and image.’ 

If you’re curious to hear the single among its peers, check out this playlist the band made for us:

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