by Israel Vano-Storer

My Song: Uncle Is – Walk Through

by Israel Vano-Storer

My Song: Uncle Is – Walk Through

Tokoroa neo-soul RnB artist Uncle Is, aka Israel Vano-Storer, released heartfelt feel-good single Walk Through, dedicated to his partner, just in time for the summer holidays. The song’s intimate narrative resonates with the shared experiences and cherished moments of a committed relationship. NZM asked Uncle Is to talk us through…Walk Through.

Walk Through was inspired and sparked from a typical writing/jamming session just at home in the space I had set up to record. Trying to find the lyrics for most songs I write, I naturally tend to draw from experiences that me and my wife have had, or people I know have had similar things happen within their relationships.

This one went through multiple stages of creation, to the point where the version that’s being released now is actually the third, but easily the most enjoyed by everyone involved in either listening or helping with input on the track.

Actually, I don’t really work much with other people on the creation of my songs. With the creative process I like to try to think that I handle the majority of what needs handling, but my brother Merf (Murphy), even though he may only contribute one or two things at times, will always add something of immense value. Whether that be a specific cadence, a couple of words or a hummed melody, like I mentioned, regardless it’s always a huge help for me making progress in the creative process, or just simply making songs in general.

Especially being in the RnB lane of music, most things I write tend to be aimed towards trying to create a happy, loving vibe. I definitely feel that with the melody, lyrics and the beat, that I’ve been able to capture that specific vibe in Walk Through.

I’m glad I have the small team I do that basically give me full creative control as to how things are gonna end up, because the majority of the time, even with the help mentioned, you could say I basically have the last say on how the songs will sound!

My main challenge with Walk Through has been in choosing which version to go with, as well as figuring out when and how to drop it. Other than that, it’s been a pretty enjoyable process trying to bring this waiata to life because, in all honesty, I’ve liked all the versions – but I just love this one!

In terms of contribution to what I’ve had going on lately, a lot of the credit would have to go to my bros Merf and Dan (Daniel Moore). Dan helps with almost everything outside of creating the tracks; from mixing, pushing everything to do with PR, to just having general convos about anything which I do with the both of them, that I feel plays an important role in just maintaining good relationships.

Obviously my family’s support with the release is a huge reason why I’m able to live life with them, then separate the one as a ‘musician’ as comfortably as possible along with my brothers from the Hori Gang who are my favourite local rap group/artists who just happen to be another lot of family for me, and that’s everyone in the team from Stuss and Vana all the way down to Nelly.

The majority ofWalk Though‘s lyrics resonate with me, specifically when I start explaining going out on a date night and how we’ve gone from watching The Avengers to “chasing Jackie” (which actually refers to going for a jam on the pokies, lol). That is still something me and my wife could be content on doing almost every date night, as in; dinner, movies then pokies!

I feel like Walk Through suits me as an artist due to the funk, soul and RnB dynamics all woven into the feel of the song. I tend to have a style based on all the different musical influences from my short lifetime. If there’s a specific of the song I like, groove with the most, then it’s easily the bridge. As I tell everyone I’ve shown, I’ve always wanted to make a bridge for one of my songs and specifically one that grooves the way this does, as well as being a good chill bridge that sets up the perfect climax by the time the last hook hits!

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