Mixtape: T.G. Shand

Mixtape: T.G. Shand

Celebrating the release of her spicy second EP, ‘Cinnamon’, NZM asked Annemarie Duff, who performs under the name T.G. Shand, to compile a mixtape with favourites of old and new to get us in the mood for her own new tunes. The result: 90+ minutes of eclectic, indie-as local classics, a selected few of which Annemarie introduces below. 

Bailterspace: Shine

This was a big influence – over 12 years ago now, my old band Miniatures covered it for a gig in Christchurch. Such a beautiful song.

She’s So Rad: Cool It

Huuuuge. A massive track, these guys make me proud to be a Kiwi. Incredible songwriting and production. Really hope I get to see them live one day.

Voom: B Your Boy

An absolute classic, such a good singalong song. Got to see them at Port Noise Festival earlier this year and I was so so happy when they started playing this song – amazing.

Mint Chicks: Walking Off A Cliff Again

Good lord, these guys are just songwriting idols. The structures are mind-blowingly catchy. I remember seeing them live at Re:fuel in Dunedin so many times around 2007/2008. They’d do these epic entrances. Such good times, so much energy.

Death And The Maiden: Waratah

Lucinda [King]‘s vocals are just insane. The space and the beats in this track just get me. Incredibly talented crew.