April/May 2015

by Carl McWilliams

Fresh Talent: Emily Rice

by Carl McWilliams

Fresh Talent: Emily Rice

While many self-managed artists keep themselves busy in the role of a working musician, Emily Rice takes the meaning of the words to a whole new level.

Proof is not hard to find as 2015 has already resulted in extensive gigging, the release of an EP, music video and now travel to foreign lands. Such a workload is not something new to Rice.

“I figured out the other day I did over 10 jobs last year. It was just a really mad year, as well as recording the EP and gigs every week.””
Not strictly new to our music scene, Rice was one half of the folk duo We Stole The Sun and in 2013 completed a degree in popular music at Auckland University. Despite an affinity for collaboration, her solo sound is one of her own –– influenced by what she has done previously.

“I love collaborating with people and I think I always am. Even though it’’s my solo project I’m constantly saying, ‘’I’ve got this new song, what do you think of this?’’ and getting advice and feedback.””

Now Berlin-based, Rice saw a busy start to the year, with performances at Festival One, Vector Arena and the Good Morning Show among her highlights before departing NZ on a one-way ticket. Released just days ahead of that flight, her EP ‘’Find Me Here’‘, consists of five solidly produced tracks that back Rice’’s voice strongly.

Produced by Tim Burrows of Albatross Audio Productions, the songs feature catchy hooks and lush sounds that let her influences subtly flow through, with her own unique twist. This is in no small part due to a cast of talented local musicians crafting an eclectic backing for Rice.
“I knew what the songs were, but they all took a different shape when we got into the studio and that’’s so exciting to see, letting them go where they want to go.””

One place they have subsequently gone is to Kimbra, one of Rice’’s idols, who shared her music on Facebook late last year.

“I was so stoked she jumped on the bandwagon and shared my music. She’’s been a massive inspiration for me and I’m always blown away by her charisma and energy on stage.””

Rice has her own local fan base, who helped her win the October NZ On Air funding round from The Audience. With her evident work ethic it will be interesting to see what opportunities arise for Emily Rice away from home in the coming year.

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