By Sam Dunlay

The Output Project

by Sam Dunlay

The Output Project

The Output ProjectExchange Christchurch – September 22, 2018

Settling almost immediately into an intimate atmosphere, The Output Project was a night of captivating performance featuring some of Christchurch’s finest musicians and dancers.

Operating like a well-oiled machine a sleek and silky group of young dancers, choreographed by Chloe Levings, added raw emotion and drama to the songs performed by a variety of artists. The night was cohesive, and the blend of structured dance mixed well with spirited performances from Laura Lee Lovely, Siobhan Sainte and Dillastrate.

Allowing the lyrics to truly come alive, the dancers added an immersive and unique element to a live music performance. There was a real sense of energy permeating from the dancers, complementing the dynamism and strength of the songs.

Performing behind the talented young dancers, Laura Lee Lovely started off the night with a captivating presence that demanded attention. Her smooth and elegant vocals, placed over synth-led pop beats, was exciting and a melodramatic beginning to the show. Flowing together in seamless movement, there seemed to be an unspoken connection between song and dance, with the two often appearing as one. The performance acted as a platform for Laura Lee Lovely to shine.

Brooding and dramatic, Siobhan Sainte added a new feel. The shift in style brought an evocative tension to the night, leading to an emotive climax in the form of her hit song Burn It Down. The performance was dramatic and full-on, without being over the top, a cohesive blend of raw emotion and structured dance creating a unique and enthralling experience.

The dancers’ outfits and styles changed throughout the show, adding further momentum and energy. They were elegant and emotive and set a platform for the music to truly come alive. Through the vessel of dance the songs took on a new lease of energy and the night became a much more immersive experience. With smooth transitions between songs and a coherent interchange of dancers, there was never a dull moment and you could feel the buzz in the audience as they truly appreciated the diversity The Output Project offered.

After a brief intermission, the hard-hitting and funky Dillastrate completely flipped the room on its head with an up-tempo and dynamic performance. Through a blend of hip hop and soul-inspired numbers, there was an energetic and uplifting vibe throughout the room, mirrored by the spirited dancing of the performers.

The collection of exciting young dancers bled emotion, taking the audience on a journey of artistic creation throughout the night. With impressive lighting adding mood and energy to the performance, there was truly a beautiful cohesion of the arts on display.