Simona Smirnova: Bird Language Album Release Tour

Simona Smirnova: Bird Language Album Release Tour

smirnovaSimona Smirnova is returning to perform in New Zealand for the fourth time and this year she will be presenting her new album in five cities, performing with local jazz talents.

The Lithuanian-born jazz vocalist, composer and folk zither – kanklės player based in New York City. By press described as “Eastern European-tinged jazz/exotica”, she is a fixture in the New York live scene when she’s not touring the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Smirnova’s genre-bending style has a unique theatrical flavour and uncanny vocal improvisation techniques. She deftly implements folkloric chants and Lithuanian zither into foundations of jazz and rock. Smirnova’s new album ‘Bird Language” channels groundbreaking artists like Björk and Joanna Newsom while exploring the ways that humans are connected to nature. ‘Bird Language’ and her current New Zealand tour are dedicated to the awareness of climate change.

“There is an aura of mystique to Smirnova’s ‘Bird Language’, a stunning blend of Baltic folklore, jazz, pop, and rock, infused with nature-themed sounds. The album was brought to life through the ethereal sound of Lithuanian kanklės, Smirnova’s virtuosic, sultry signature vocals, and mimicked bird shrieks, interpolated with jazz piano-driven solos, and sinuous, enticing arrangements.” – “All About Jazz”

  • July 14 – Wellington
  • July 15 – Christchurch
  • July 16 – New Plymouth
  • July 17, 21 & 22 – Auckland
  • July 24 – Dunedin

More info and tickets are available here.