The Mockers With Gareth Thomas

Images by Trevor Villers

The Mockers With Gareth Thomas


Photographer Trevor Villers sent us a selection of photos of The Mockers ‘ gig at the Tuning Fork on March 4.

Gareth Thomas and his band led off, joined mid-way through their set by fellow Goodshirt member, Rodney Fisher for a couple of songs. Nice synergy still very much in evidence.

Then on came the incomparable Andrew Fagan together with former fellow band members, Brett Adams (guitar), Tim Wedde (keys) and Geoff Hayden (bass); with Chris O’Connor filling in on drums. In a nice touch they were joined for a time by original guitarist Gary Curtis..

This was good stuff, nostalgic but enduring, and I can confidently say that every one of the capacity crowd went home happy. No doubt there will be a few sore hips this morning.”