By Silke Hartung

Going Global 2019: Seven Good Reasons To Attend

by Silke Hartung

Going Global 2019: Seven Good Reasons To Attend

Scheduled for the end of this month is Going Global 2019, the annual music summit organised by IMNZ  which always attracts a number of well-known international industry professionals willing to share their accumulated wisdom with us Kiwi wannabes. Tickets cost $110. “That sounds a bit rich – why should I go?” you may be thinking. For those in need of convincing, here are just some reasons to consider it well worth the effort:

  1. You’ll get first-hand and up-to-date information about various digital services, and related strategies, straight from the mouths of the providers!
  2. Think of it as our industry equivalent to a serious international conference, meaning you can write the whole weekend off against income tax as ‘professional development/research’.
  3. Networking! Meet your peers and others who are already steps ahead in their career. Mums are great, but it’s always good to have people to bounce ideas around with, or rant to, who actually know what you’re going on about! And you might make a new friend or find an ally for future projects!
  4. High interesting-brain-per-head quota! Ever wanted to meet the cool (and smart) players from the UK, Oz, the States and other music markets bigger than Aotearoa? With at least 20 international panellists, plus the locals, this is a great opportunity to meet people you otherwise only read about. People who work with, or, in some cases ARE the big guns!
  5. Think about it. Those overseas people are coming all the way to meet YOU and hear your music! Awfully convenient, and good reason to go say gidday to one or the other!
  6. Make it a weekend away. With The Other’s Way happening on Friday night and the curated Going Global Showcase on Saturday it makes for a compact weekend with lots of new sounds to discover.
  7. How else will you get to fossick around in Neil Finn‘s gorgeous Roundhead Studios – that experience usually costs bands a lot more than the entry fee for this two-day event.

The Global Lowdown:

Friday, August 30 & Saturday, August 31

Roundhead Studios, Auckland, NZ

Tickets available here