AMPS 2022 Regional Workshops

AMPS 2022 Regional Workshops

Organisers of the Aoteroa Music Producers Series (AMPS) are inviting local producers to attend the AMPS 2022 regional workshops, taking place in 12 different places around the country this time.

The workshops will feature an acclaimed local producer who, during the morning session, will discuss their careers to date and the skills they’ve acquired. The afternoon sessions will include a breakdown of their multi-track recordings. These moderated workshops offer a unique space for discussion, producer Q&As as well as networking within the producer community.

Every workshop will feature a different producer, so participants are welcome to sign up for each day. Producers will be announced in the lead up to each event. There will also be a video presentation from Recorded Music NZ, APRA and the MPGNZ to clarify producer and songwriter royalties along with information on additional income streams.

Given the Red light Covid-19 setting, these events will have reduced capacity so that participants can be sufficiently distanced while seated. Attendees will need to be fully vaccinated, masks to be worn on-site, and all participants will need to scan in at each venue.

Find out more and register here.