2019 NZ Music Month Summit Ahead!

2019 NZ Music Month Summit Ahead!

The 2019 NZ Music Month Summit will happen in Auckland later this month with a great line-up of panellists ready to speak about various aspects of live performances.

Organised by the MMF and held at the Herald Theatre (Aotea Centre) in central Auckland on Saturday May 25th, the event will feature four separate panel sessions with industry leaders. Expect thought-provoking discussions and conversation, insight and information, with an opportunity to have questions answered at the end of each session.

Tickets available now , with 100% of the ticket price donated to MusicHelps

If the ticket price will be a barrier to you attending, please contact Lorraine Owen at the


Looking After Yourself On The Road

Going on tour can take a toll on an individual’s wellbeing, health and relationships. This will address the various pitfalls and give tips on how to exercise self-care while on the road.
Moderator: Calvin Culver
Panellists: Tami Neilson, Julia Deans, Laughton Kora


Production; Tips Of The Trade

This panel covers what questions should be asked in advance to ensure stress-free show for all involved. Production gurus share their knowledge and insight to a stress-free live performance setup.
Moderator: Savina Kim
Panellists: Carol Harding, Tom Anderson, Chris Tate


Marketing And Promoting Live Shows

Industry experts give insight into the various ways to successfully market and promote shows, no matter what level of experience the artist is at.
Moderator: Cushla Aston
Panellists: Anna Loveys, Mel Parsons, Harry Pettit,  Matt Harvey


Festival Bookers

Some of NZ’s top festival bookers will give tips on what they’re looking for when putting together a festival line up.

Moderator: Wairere Iti
Panellists: Hamish Pinkham, Gerry Paul, Gavin Downie, Rachel Turney