by Silke Hartung

Spotify Don’t Lie: What Kiwis Listened To Most in 2017

by Silke Hartung

Spotify Don’t Lie: What Kiwis Listened To Most in 2017

Spotify has published a list of the top streams of 2017, and you won’t find the names and songs on it overly surprising! 

With more than 140 million active users, and 60 million paying subscribers, it’s hard to ignore the platform’s influence worldwide as a discovery tool, on our listening habits and of course the local charts.

Without any hint of question, New Zealand’s most streamed local artist of 2017 is Lorde, followed by a range of drum and bass, dub, roots and reggae bands with Six60, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Katchafire and Shapeshifter rounding out NZ’s top five most streamed Kiwi artists of 2017.

Most Streamed NZ Artists

  1. Lorde
  2. Six60
  3. Fat Freddy’s Drop
  4. Katchafire
  5. Shapeshifter

Most Streamed New Zealand tracks

  1. Green Light – Lorde
  2. Liability – Lorde
  3. Homemade Dynamite – Remix – Lorde
  4. Perfect Places – Lorde
  5. Don’t Give It Up – Six60

One interesting list provided by Spotify is of the emerging genres of the year, this one topped by Melodic Power MetalChaotic Black Metal and Chillhop. If you’re curious, also check out Trap Latino, Future Funk, Jumpstyle, Serialism, Cinematic Dubstep, Vintage Swoon or Gamecore, just so you know what you’ll be dealing with in 2018.

Spotify identified Tuesday June 13 as the day when most people listened to music – remember what you were up to on that particular day?

If you’re curious what we’ve been listening to in 2017, be prepared – it ain’t all local! We present to you the NZM office top 100 of 2017: