April/May 2016

by record store day controversy

Record Store Day Controversy

by record store day controversy

Record Store Day Controversy

Another Record Store Day just passed last weekend, which means it’s time for the big Record Store Day controversy once more: Are majors taking over Record Store Day? Are people buying up Record Store Day rare releases to onsell them for profit on eBay? Is Record Store Day still worth celebrating? If you’re curious, we had a bit of a look around on the internet for you…

“Leading Independent Record Shop Shuns Record Store Day”The Vinyl Factory (2016)

“RSD fucks labels, bands, and essentially fans on a few levels. “Decibel (2016)

“Record Store Day 2016 RIP?”The Telegraph (2016)

Metallica Perform At Berkeley’s Rasputin Music For Record Store Day” – Guitar World (2016)

“Record Store Day Risks Becoming More Of A Problem Than A Solution” Fact Mag (2015)

Paul Weller Pulls Out Of Record Store Day After His Singles Appear On eBay”The Independent (2014)

Why Record Store Day Is Dying”Sonic Cathedral (2015)

“Record Store Day Needs To Die: The Cynical, Bloated Event Is Ruining The Fun Of Collecting Music” (2015)

“It puts a huge strain on the industry and it probably puts that strain on the part of the industry that has the least amount of money.”The Quietus (2014)

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