NewMusic Pasifika 2020 Funding

NewMusic Pasifika 2020 Funding

Details for NZ On Air’s New Music Pasifika 2020 funding are now available on the NZ On Air website.

Online applications are open now with the deadline just two weeks later on May 21. Note that the aim is for these songs to be picked up for radio and online broadcast and that you can only apply with one song.

14 artists and tracks were funded from the first funding in 2019, among them a number of recently announced finalists for the 2020 Pacific Music Awards.

That list was…

Diggy Dupé (CI),  Disciple Pati (The Boy Who Cried Woman), Emily Muli (No More), La Coco (Back When), Lani Alo Music (Alo I ou Faiva), Mikey Mayz (Wild People), Queen Shirl’e (Queens Rise Up), RazéPoetik (Another Lover), Shepherds Reign (Legend), Snare (Fika Gumz), Swiss (Island Kings)  Tazman Jack (Eyes Closed), Tommy Nee (Criminal Minds) and Truce (Faded).

Here are the two key links for this funding:

Music Funding page

Guidelines PDF doc