Return Of The Naked Accounting Musicians’ Initiative

Return Of The Naked Accounting Musicians’ Initiative

Naked Accounting announces the return of their Musicians’ Initiative. The boutique accounting firm will provide free financial upskilling to 25 applicants from throughout Aotearoa, with a core aim of supporting musicians to become practitioners with fully sustainable, flourishing musical careers. 

This initiative began in response to the August 2021 lockdown in which many musicians struggled financially due to the restrictions. Naked Accounting undertook a Musicians Initiative offering free accounting advice to musicians for one month. The response of interest from musicians and the industry was positive, encouraging them to bring it back in 2022.

The course will centre around four key components:

  • Educating musicians about their tax and organisational obligations.
  • Guidance through the Income Tax return process as well as basic bookkeeping.
  • Upskill musicians to build and use a budget.
  • Advice on how to use these skills and manage money with confidence to meet all obligations as an independent arts practitioner. 

Applications are open, with established and emerging musicians (including technical professionals such as producers and engineers who make a regular income from music) encouraged to apply.

Apply here before June 6.