by Amanda Mills

Farewelling Roy Colbert

by Amanda Mills

Farewelling Roy Colbert

It’s with sadness that we report on the passing of Dunedin music mentor and luminary, Roy Colbert.

Roy Colbert passed away on July 20th after a period of ill health.

His funeral will be held in Dunedin on July 26, 3pm at Hope and Sons.

Colbert’s involvement with the Dunedin music scene stemmed from both his music writing and his second-hand music store, Records Records, which was a hub for music lovers and novices alike to encounter new sounds, the recordings often enthusiastically (and gently) recommended by Colbert.

As a noted music reviewer and writer, Colbert kept his ear to the ground, adroitly (and often archly) noting the up-and-coming artists in the Dunedin, as well as conducting interviews with wider NZ artists, and international names like Lou Reed, David Bowie, and Stevie Nicks (to name check a minuscule few).

Colbert’s friendship and support of musicians associated with the Dunedin Sound scene was highly valued, and earnt him the title (bestowed on him by Chris Knox) as ‘The Godfather of the Dunedin Sound.’ His continuing support of local musicians never ceased, frequently attending shows and providing an honest and (often humorous) opinion of the evening’s entertainment.

Colbert will be greatly missed by all those he supported, mentored and befriended, and remembered by the countless people who learnt about new music from stepping into the Aladdin’s Cave that was Records Records.

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