Zö: Do You Mind EP

Zö: Do You Mind EP

24-year-old Wellington-based artist ‘s, second EP ‘Do You Mind?’ was released in late October 2021.

The artist, real name Zoe Jennings, states that this release is more personal than her last, ‘War’, out in 2019. In comparison, her first EP as more confined, as she told NZM in an interview in June 2021.

This new EP deals with her struggles, experiences, and letting loose.

To put her into a musical context, according to her website, her sound is influenced by the pop band London Grammar and Norwegian artist Aurora.

The first track on ‘Do You Mind’, Origami, is super catchy, and very lively. “If I’m folding my arms, will you unfold them for me? Like Origami.”

Her latest single Ego features Reuben Topzand on the keys, Neil Macleod on vocals and production duties, and mixed by Benny Tones. Beautifully harmonised with Neil, her descant is an unexpected build-up in the song, including the beat picking up before gradually fading away.

All Of It is quite downtempo, which is consistent with the rest of the EP. The electronic effects in the chorus let her voice reverberate when singing harmonies, which helps emphasize the lyrics.

Her last track, Like You Mean It, has more lyrical repetition this time. The opening line is empowering as she sings, “I keep forgetting I’m a boss ass bitch”, while the chorus features plenty of musical vocalisations to hum along to.