Reviewed by Aabir Mazumdar

Tomorrow People: Lock Me Up EP

Reviewed by Aabir Mazumdar

Tomorrow People: Lock Me Up EP

Multi-award-winning Wellington reggae band Tomorrow People have released a follow-up to their well-received ‘Bass & Bassinets’ album from 2015.

Their new ‘Lock Me Up’ EP very much follows its predecessor in the same, self-proclaimed ‘sunshine-reggae’ stream, with a strong RnB and soul vein.

While not breaking any new creative ground for the group, its pop sensibilities and wide accessibility will doubtless make it the summer soundtrack for many a backyard barbecue.

With this release, Tomorrow People have managed to avoid the common trap of reggae acts, who can sound repetitive and even stale.

Shortening the length of the release to an EP helps, as does paying attention to the track ordering and varying the styles of music being covered.

The EP starts out familiarly with the title track Lock Me Up and follows with the bouncy and catchy Don’t Fight It, so far very much sticking to the ‘sunshine reggae’ sound.

Then comes Chance Go By, an acoustic guitar plus vocals version of a song previously released on their ‘Bass & Bassinets’ album, bringing a change of pace.

After powerfully bouncing back with Just Can’t Get Enough, comes the EP closer One Thing, a soulful and confident track featuring lush chords and plenty of harmonies.