Reviewed by Kat Waswo

Thought Creature: Ocean Dream

Reviewed by Kat Waswo

Thought Creature: Ocean Dream

Right on the brink of a gloomy mushroom trip at the beach, ‘Ocean Dream’ is the perfect descriptor for this colourful new wave album from the trio calling themselves Thought Creature.

Surfing through the shadows of a reverb tsunami, this summery 11-track album is a really gnarly treat, and a long-time-coming follow up to their previous album release a full decade ago.

Aptly enough it was recorded in the tiki-style lounge bar inside the curved hull of Wellington’s infamous Tugboat – this psychedelic experience was literally created under the sea – back in 2010. Things got fuzzy (and possibly forgotten) after that as various members relocated to Germany. Thought Creature are now located between NZ and Berlin where their label Fantasy Fiction Records is based.

Peter Copeland (drums and percussion) is these days in Wellington. Will Rattray (vocals/guitar), who has a voice reminiscent of the late Jim Morrison, is based in Berlin, while Danny Brady (bass/synth) is now living in Dunedin after having moved to Berlin with Rattray to pursue their musical careers. Other simultaneous projects include Full Moon Fiasco, Death and the Maiden and Cosmic Palms.

The album highlights include recently released single Talk In Tongues with its dirty bass slides and doomy-surf guitar. Ride With The Wave combines a psychedelic-disco dance beat and funky bass groove to get the soul moving. Toe-tapping rock-lobster vibes resonate from Under The Sand. Rave in a cave on acid with Costume Cave, which is about partying with people from another dimension: “Don’t be late.”

Mixed and mastered Bevan Smith and Dale Cotton respectively, this clean aural experience is an outstanding record from these freaky sound-benders who have been jamming together since 2008. The limited edition cassette run has sold out but you can name your digital price. Hopefully, it’s not to be the last we hear from Thought Creature.

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