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Reviewed by Amanda Mills

The Flaming Mudcats: Cut Loose

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

The Flaming Mudcats: Cut Loose

Performing together since 2008, Aucklanders The Flaming Mudcats specialise in upbeat blues-rock and R&B.

‘Cut Loose’ is their third album, and celebrates 10 years together, while welcoming new bassist Johnny Yu. This time they have been refining their version of the blues and including covers in their original repertoire. Jerry West’s classic Rooster Blues and Jessie Mae Robinson’s slinky Sneakin’ Around fit in well with their songs and style.

The title track is a particular winner, a mid-tempo blues number about the end of a relationship with an impassioned vocal performance by Craig Bracken.

While that is a more traditional blues number, Cry No More is less so – a more rhythmic track with piano, guitar and harmonica bringing the song to life.

Recorded at Ellamy Studios, ‘Cut Loose’ is faithful blues-rock, slickly performed by The Flaming Mudcats with energy and a sense of enjoyment that cannot be fabricated.

This might not change the world of blues-rock, but it may open your ears to the group and their considerable talents. 

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