Reviewed by Bridie Chetwin-Kelly

SWIDT: The Most Electrifying EP

Reviewed by Bridie Chetwin-Kelly

SWIDT: The Most Electrifying EP

In just two years these Onehunga borough kings have come to publicly dominate hip hop in NZ and their electrifying new EP shows nothing short of a strong, expert handle on both production and a well-crafted sound. The one issue with SWIDT ‘s six-song EP seems to be how to decide which song you’re going to let blow up the speakers in your car.

The release comes after two substantial projects, ‘SmokeyGotBeatz Presents SWIDT vs Everybody’ and their debut album ‘Stoneyhunga’, but somehow ‘The Most Electrifying’ eclipses both.

The collective is made up of equally strong, yet uniquely their own creative forces in Boomer, AZA, Spycc, INF, SmokeyGotBeatz and Jamal. Not being ones to play by the rules, SWIDT released their EP whilst playing a live stream of Fortnite which they invited fans to join in with.

No Emotions In The Wild is just one of the stand out tracks. Not only for production but the content of the song is some real business, speaking on the social stigma around suicide and toxic masculinity. Just when you think you know where it’s going the track throws down hard and puts you on your ass. S

Sampled sounds of the jungle mixed with claims to being the king of the jungle, accurately so if the jungle is NZ hip hop. “The whole culture needs reforming,” they rap and SWIDT might just be the ones to do it.

Having six members probably means there isn’t a huge need for features but Mood featuring Villette may just damn well be among the best songs of the year.

Combining the sultry R&B vocals of Villette Dasha, who will remind you of Jhené Aiko, takes the group in a quite different direction – a convincingly good one.