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Reviewed by Jesse Lee

Miromiro: Prachanda Path

Reviewed by Jesse Lee

Miromiro: Prachanda Path

Wellington-based Ashok Jacob’s third album as Miromiro is a warm plunge into an analogue drenched electronic ocean.

Cooperative Republic opens proceedings on ‘Prachanda Path’ with skittering hi-hats and a warm buzzy bassline. Synthesisers float on swelling currents as they open into a spoken word sample that evolves into textural vocal slices, bouncing enticingly through the stereo field.

Ciudad pulses like a heartbeat, underneath a pattern of sparkling bells. Acoustic drum samples are a hallmark of the album and on Ciudad the warm thud of the kick perfectly compliments the texture of the shaker moving over the top.

On South Seas Communist Party vintage arpeggiators punctuate warm tape hiss and swelling bass.

Throughout this 70-minute long album there is a feeling of vintage nostalgia, a nod to early electronic pioneers. Miromiro navigates these influences with skill, managing to feel reverential while also maintaining a fresh and eclectic perspective.

Final track Ice Planet 2002 is a wash of arpeggiators floating above pad swells, propelled by crisp percussion. A delayed cymbal sample makes excellent use of sonic space, oscillating from ear to ear.

There is a sense of joy woven throughout, which perfectly caps the album.

The title stems from track seven, Annapurna (Prachanda Path), and ‘Prachanda Path’ is a journey, a polaroid path through a forest of textures and hazy synths. Miromiro creates a sonic world that is a joy to get lost in.

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