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Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Marlon Williams And Kacy & Clayton: Plastic Bouquet

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Marlon Williams And Kacy & Clayton: Plastic Bouquet

When Lyttelton’s Marlon Williams joined forces with Saskatoon country duo Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum, it was based on mutual admiration. Each were interested to see how their individual styles of folk and country music might work together – quite well, as it turns out.

The trio’s first album ‘Plastic Bouquet’ is a homage to their different-but-complementary styles, with the addition of South Pacific rhythms and including Māori history on the stunning Arahura, a lingering waiata about the West Coast river and the conflict over pounamu.

In contrast is the more traditional country/bluegrass sound of Kacy & Clayton found elsewhere throughout, the slide guitar effectively punctuating heartbreak anthem I Wonder Why and Old Fashioned Man a reminder that this album is firmly rooted in those styles.

The stylistic exception is standout track Light of Love, a compelling diversion into vaguely melancholic ’60s pop which channels Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s run of songs.

‘Plastic Bouquet’ was recorded in Saskatoon (Canada) and Nashville, and is a successful exercise in melding the individual styles from three musicians normally based half a world away from each other.

Filled with beautiful harmonies and a clear sense of musical connection and kinship, ‘Plastic Bouquet’ is well summed up by m with his comment at the end of the final song, Devil’s Daughter, “Nice”.

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