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Reviewed by Sam Vegar

The Lucky Lost: Tethered To The Sea

Reviewed by Sam Vegar

The Lucky Lost: Tethered To The Sea

Opening with a delicate rush of strings and voice, ears and souls are quickly flooded by The Lucky Lost ’s enchanting album.

The Lyttelton band is Darren Tatom (guitar), Lucinda Whiteley (cello, keys), William Field (bass, guitar), Jack Cameron (drums) and Gordon Goodinson on guitar. All provide vocals and three of the five also add percussion to the delicately detailed mix. With production by Ben Edwards, ‘Tethered To The Sea’ is the second album they’ve released.

The band members found each other over time and that is also exactly how their music sounds. It is harmonious, naturally flowing and feels as though each step was an easy fall into its place.

The music moves with ease, aided by a relaxed sense of fun and the rotation of lead vocals. There is a range of techniques and ideas explored within the album both musically and lyrically, displaying the maturity and talent of each member and their instruments.

There are smooth pieces like Then There’s You, where the music is led by a steady rhythm with the accompaniment providing quirks and currents. They have emulated the ocean! Butterfish jaunts along a little quicker and quirkier, with a refreshing, sharp, melody. In The Sea Of My Desire Whiteley’s sultry vocals, sitting in a low range, hobble along a cheeky bass line that carries a feeling true to the title, of lust.

Within this rich repertoire of songs there lies plentiful stories and messages, the album leaving you with the feeling that you have only been given a small slice of the lives The Lucky Lost lead. 

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